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Who Are It's Time Training's Clients?
Clients are male and female and range in age from 10 to 65+. Most programs include cardio-respiratory exercise which may include kickboxing, step, aerobics and may incorporate dumbbells, weighted bar, medicine balls,  suspension trainer, bosu, kettlebells and stability balls. Functional and traditional strength training for each major muscle group, often in intervals of intensity and utilizing compound movements occurs in each training session.  Stretching and flexibility rounds out each session.

Training Style


Training is not punishment. If you need to be yelled at to be motivated this is not for you.  Our trainers will tell you what you need to do with every set of exercises, show you the proper form and encourage you to do more or push harder when we think you can, not to boost our ego. There is no yelling, no humiliating; this is real life not a reality show. Come every appointment and bring your motivation with you.



Training Goal


What’s your fitness goal? Whether you're trying to lose weight, feel stronger, build muscle, increase flexibility or just improve your quality of life – eat better, sleep better, be able to walk a flight of steps without getting out of breath!  All of these can be accomplished with your training program by coming consistently and putting in an effort at each session! This is personalized exercise not a “one type of exercise fits all” approach. Your training time is customized to you, your goals, fitness level and exercise preferences.


Exercise is customized!


Some clients work out intensely and mix body weight exercise with heavy weight lifting. Others may use lighter weights in a more balanced heart rate, cardio-respiratory, less intense, program. Yoga, Pilates, Kickboxing and Step may be included in programs based on client preferences and fitness goals.  All you need to bring is a positive outlook and determination to succeed!

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