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Program Options

Personal Training


One-on-One Personal Training provides the most private and customized experience. You will be the only client in the studio for the 50 minute session. If you prefer to be alone when you exercise, want a program only customized to your preferences at every meeting and only want the trainer focused on you, this is the program for you.*


  • 20 fifty minute sessions are $55 each or $1100

  • 11 sessions are $60 each or $660

  • 4 fifty minute sessions are $65 each or $260


30-MINUTE PRIVATE: Expedited Training full body in only 30 minutes, $350 for 10 Sessions!


Semi-private Training


Small Group Training is for two to four individual’s sharing a session time. Family, friends and/or people with a common fitness goal and similar personalities are well suited for semi-private training and can share the expense.*


  • 16 fifty-five minute sessions are each $65 (for two), $75 (for three) or $85 (for four) or $32.50, $25.00 and $21.25 per person.

  • 8 fifty-five minute sessions are each $70 (for two) $80 (for three) or $90 (for four) or $35, $26.66 and $22.50 per person per session


More economical but effective options are available: Ask about Weight Loss Counseling and Fitness Coaching. If you are a self-starter but just need some guidance on the steps to take to lose weight and/or reach your fitness goal one of these options may be right for you. 


How to get started

Call 732.841.8992 to talk about your fitness goals or get the answers to any questions you may have or reach out on the Its Time Training, LLC Facebook page and send a message.  You can come in for a FREE consultation and see the studio and meet in person with a trainer.


*The entire balance for the package chosen is due at the time of scheduling of your first session. Payment options are available if needed.

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