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Compare Exercise Options

There are a lot of exercise options available to you and many provide terrific opportunities for exercise. Be suspicious of any program that claims they are better than any other program or exercise option. The most important thing is to choose something that suits your personality, ability, fitness level and meets the needs of your schedule. A program should provide experienced certified trainers and/or group exercise instructors and each trainer/instructor and location must be insured!


In home training is a viable option if you prefer to stay home or you have small children in the house and you have the room to exercise. An in home trainer will usually bring all of the equipment you need for the session but may charge a premium to come to your home.

Cautions: Be sure you check the background of the person inviting into your home.  Be sure this person is insured! At times these trainers are sent by services which can result in turn over and a change in your trainer.

It’s Time Training comparison: In-home training is available within 5 miles of the ITT studio at an additional cost of $5 per session. Trainers are insured for both the studio and your location.


Group exercise programs A lot of people like the group dynamic and are motivated and inspired by group fitness. A program that varies the exercises and concentrates on strength, cardio-respiratory and flexibility training can provide a good opportunity to get fit and meet some new friends along the way.

Cautions: You should not feel pressure to work beyond your ability in these classes where everyone is doing the same thing at once, which could lead to injury. Givin the size of these classes your form can’t be checked every minute of the class so be sure your form is correct with every exercise to avoid injury. Be aware that some of these programs have dietary guidelines attached; be sure the guidelines provided have been established in conjunction with a Registered Dietician, someone without the credentials of a registered dietician should not be making general dietary recommendations for a group.

It’s Time Training comparison: Training for up to 4 people at one time is an option at ITT. This works best when the individuals come together as a group but at times small semi-private groups can be formed from current clients. This provides the camaraderie of a group class but in a more private setting which allows for better oversight of each individual’s progress and form.


High Intensity (Interval) Training has been on the rise and is very popular for certain individuals. People who want to push their limits and be pushed to the limits may enjoy these programs. These programs often break the tradition of exercise machines and free weights and incorporate body weight movements and use varied equipment to challenge all muscle groups. If you’re a competitor or current or ex-athlete this may work for you.

Cautions: Injury. Some, not all, of these programs are too intense for a beginner, older adult or unfit clientele.  Try to watch a class to see what to expect and if it suits you. Beginners may be welcome just make sure you’re working with a program where form and injury prevention are really monitored.

It’s Time Training Comparison:  Functional training or exercising in a way that mimics movements in everyday life is a big part of ITT and the training method involves periods of more intense exercise alternated with periods of active rest or less intense exercise or interval training. The difference is more customization is available in a private session versus a group class and there is no one set program for everyone who walks in the door so more variety is available.


A health club/gym is usually a local neighborhood fitness center with a variety of exercise equipment and exercise classes.

Of course you can get a good workout and improve your fitness level at the gym. You often have a variety of classes to choose from in addition to all kinds of cardio and strength equipment.  If you know what to do at the gym, in proper form and how to progress, you like exercising around other people, you want a variety of equipment available to you or you like to take different classes, the gym can be a good low-cost option for you.

Cautions:  A client once said, “I haven’t been to the gym in 5 years but I can’t cancel because I still pay the low introductory monthly rate.” Don’t pay for something you’re not going to use. Be sure you are going to commit before signing up for an often lengthy contract. Be sure you know what to do when you get there, plan your workout and know correct form. Don’t do the same thing every time you go and be aware of any strength equipment that may be there due to demand but is unsafe, do your research. Watch out for high sign-up or one-time membership fees and gyms that don’t have experience staff to show you the equipment and only want to push training or other add-on programs. Some classes also may not be available when you need them and could be an added charge per class.

It's Time Training Comparison: There are no gimmicks, no membership fees, no pressure to purchase anything additional and no contracts. Your form will be perfected and your progression is guaranteed so you won't just come and do the same exercises at the same weights for years.

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